The Peckyflapper Fund*

Spreading ripples of delight & good will in the world, inspired by the life & spirit of Sophie Spooner.

When working long shifts on the Paediatric ward Soph noticed that one of the ward clerks was particularly overwhelmed and baked a cake especially for her. She would often post crafty cards containing drawings and nonsense messages (and sometimes her actual self!) to friends going through a tough time. She'd endlessly go out of her way to be there for others and bring a smile to all those who knew her.

Peckyflapper Nominations: Do you know someone who needs a leg up in life? Or a friend who is trying to get an inspiring project off the ground? If so please nominate them here for a £1,000 grant, to be given as a surprise (along with a home-baked cake).

*Sophie once told me that if she ever owned a boat she would call it 'Peckyflapper'